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Richard Kattman, Lilac, acrylic on canvas, 68” x 68”.


LOCALLY SOURCED CREATIVITY Flavia Cigliano When Margaret Burdine opened Artists Corner & Gallery in January 2016, she knew what the gallery’s mission would be. She wanted to build a community of artists, artisans and patrons. She wanted her gallery to be a source for local art, and a place for creative interactions offering classes, workshops, […]

Spinning Orange I, 2016, acrylic and ink on cut paper, 41” x 21”.

11 for 11: Barbara Owen

AN EXUBERANCE OF 3-D LINE Suzanne Volmer For Barbara Owen, whose threedimensional paper drawings have a vibrant energy and elegance, 2016 was a productive year in terms of exhibitions, and 2017 promises to be a banner year as well. She is an artist hitting her stride. During a recent studio visit, Owen displayed an assortment […]

Mosquito Netting and Chimney Seascape, Provincetown.

11 for 11: Jane Paradise

SHACKING UP IN PTOWN Laura Shabott In the early 1900s, writers, artists and families made summer homes on the wild back shore of Provincetown, Massachusetts. Affectionately called the “dune shacks,” some were originally life-saving huts constructed in the late 1890s, but most were built in the 1920s and ‘30s out of debris and shipwrecked ruins. […]

Don Dalton, North Shore, watercolor, 14” x 20”.


COSO’S WINTER MEMBERS SHOW Lisa Mikulski It’s a pleasure to rejoin the staff at Artscope after four years in Sweden, with a review of the Copley Society of Art’s 2017 Winter Members Show, “Shaken and Stirred.” This year’s exhibition features a range of dynamic artists and works spanning media in photography, oil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed […]

Deborah Barlow, Vapeerine.


MULTISENSORY SURPRISE AT PHILLIPS EXETER Linda Chestney “You cannot move people Until you touch them.” — Gary O’Neil The above quote was coined by Gary O’Neil, an icon in the advertising/marketing industry in New Hampshire for 30 years and founder of the O’Neil Griffin Bodi advertising firm, who was wildly successful because he got the […]

Fern, Fan and Black Vase, 1999, watercolor.

11 for 11: David Rohn

IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE Marguerite Serkin The paintings of David Rohn honor symmetry and unpredictability. Working in watercolor and oil for over seven decades, Rohn creates still lifes, landscapes and portraits by combining radically independent expression with the discreet laws of natural placement. Form and the illusory play equal parts in his paintings, as does […]

Susanne Slavick, (Re)Setting Sights, 2002; screen prints on Stonehenge; 22” x 30” each.


WEAPONS UNLOADED IN MAINE J. Fatima Martins In the exhibition catalog for “Unloaded,” artist-curator Susanne Slavick writes what we already know to be true: “The American intimacy with guns has many roots, largely stemming from the culture’s glorification and protection of individualism and personal liberties.” “Unloaded” is a traveling exhibition that, since 2015, has already […]

Melissa Coleman, Joachim Rotteveel, Leonie Smelt, Holy Dress, 2012, gold-plated metal dress, commercial lie detector, shocktraining collar for dogs, LED lights, fabric dress, custom electronics, video (Courtesy of Melissa Coleman, Leonie Smelt, Joachim Rotteveel. Photo by Sanja Marusik).


CODING AS A DESIGN TOOL AT TUFTS Franklin W. Liu It is said that every age has its own fashion expression, in pleasure, in wit and in manners. Tuft’s cutting-edge exhibition, “Coded_Couture” shows fashion design as the impetus for a digital Magical Mystery Tour that boldly transgresses the traditional boundary of couturier. This couture-collection explores […]

Soo Sunny Park, concept model for BioLath, installation at the Currier Museum.


EXPLORING THE SPACE WITHIN Donna Dodson Soo Sunny Park is one of New England’s most talented artists. With recent shows at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum and Burlington City Arts in Vermont that launched her national and international reputation, she has been awarded a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to create […]


11 for 11: Harriet Diamond

AN EXODUS FROZEN IN TIME Greg Morell When you walk through the doors of Northampton’s Oxbow Gallery on March 2, be prepared to confront something completely different. It is the official opening of Harriet Diamond’s “Driven from their Homes,” an installation of over 100 ceramic figurines retreating from the horrors of wartime destruction, seeking escape […]