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Raphael Griswold, "GOING PLACES," at Albright Art Gallery.

Going Places at Albright Art Gallery

Albright Art Gallery is looking to mix things up in Concord, a small town rich with American history and tradition. With its latest exhibition, “GOING PLACES,” it has done exactly that…

Heavy Metal Inspired Show, "We Still See the Black"

New Happenings at the New Art Center in Newton

Were there no signs outside to indicate otherwise, one might assume the New Art Center in Newton was a church with a congregation including curious children, emerging artists and enthusiastic aficionados.But since the late 70’s, the non-profit New Art Center has been more than a suburban community art center and finds itself as a major contender in cutting edge, mixed media gallery exhibitions.

Irina Okula, shard pot.

Smooth and Smoky at Vessels Gallery, Boston

It’s so important when a lecture is just over your head that there are pictures. Every time curator Judith Motzkin’s words sailed beyond my reach, I looked around at the works of the ten potters represented in this month-long show at Vessels…

Irene Koronas

Irene Koronas: Odd Little Books and Written Landscapes

Thank goodness for the nooks and corners of neighborhood branch libraries which, like the O’Neill, give shelter to local artists. This September, Irene Koronas, a member of the North Cambridge Artists Association (NOCA), holds forth with a solo show arrayed behind glass-enclosed shelves, push-pin friendly walls of the O’Neill’s vestibule, just steps from Mass. Ave. and Porter Square.

James Foritano's passport to Italy

James Foritano's passport to Italy

Visiting Italy: Venice, Rome, Florence…

“And, yes, we did pilot our course, choose our vistas, but then Venice, La Serenissima, wrapped Herself around our solid vantage points in a whirl of sight and sound just as intimate and as alienating as any family movie.”

A scene from "The Education of Dee Dee Ricks", a film featured at this year's Boston Film Festival

Boston Film Festival: Celebrity Power with Meaningful Projects

This weekend kicks off the 27th annual Boston film festival, a haven for creative projects that may fly under the radar at larger festivals like Tribeca or Toronto, but are deservingly honored and featured in Beantown. With strong contenders and famous thespians, the festival from September 16-22 features shorts, documentaries and narrative films.

Phyllis Gay Palmer, “Back Portrait #10,” at the South Shore Art Center.

New England Sculptors At Bridgewater State, Schmidt Does Kafka At Harvard & RISD Alumni At South Shore Art Center

A number of new exhibitions are on view in the New England region now through mid-October, featuring works by artists both new and established…

Boghosian, Varujan. "Self-Portrait with Swan," 2011, collage, 17 3/4 x 21"

Smooth & Smoky at Vessels, Varujan Boghosian at Victoria Munroe

Varujan Boghosian is one of New England’s most beloved artists — and collectors. The Hanover, New Hampshire resident has three studios filled with long-abandoned and unused artifacts of American every day life and discarded industrial age…

RAW Musician Jacquelyn Wells performing at Guilt.
Photo credit Greg Caparell.

RAW Fusion: Emerging Talent at Your Local Nightclub

Sometimes the best kinds of parties are the ones filled with artists. Artists see the world from a perspective a guy working as an accountant necessarily wouldn’t. Artists are unafraid to take risks and therefore more willing to cut a rug on the dance floor. What is RAW?

A Body Builder

Viktor Lois’ Kinetic Bodybuilders

Viktor Lois is a transformer. Not like one from a summer blockbuster where robots beat one another to a pulp, but Lois is one with the machines of his own creation.