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A scene from "The Education of Dee Dee Ricks", a film featured at this year's Boston Film Festival

Boston Film Festival: Celebrity Power with Meaningful Projects

This weekend kicks off the 27th annual Boston film festival, a haven for creative projects that may fly under the radar at larger festivals like Tribeca or Toronto, but are deservingly honored and featured in Beantown. With strong contenders and famous thespians, the festival from September 16-22 features shorts, documentaries and narrative films.

Phyllis Gay Palmer, “Back Portrait #10,” at the South Shore Art Center.

New England Sculptors At Bridgewater State, Schmidt Does Kafka At Harvard & RISD Alumni At South Shore Art Center

A number of new exhibitions are on view in the New England region now through mid-October, featuring works by artists both new and established…

Boghosian, Varujan. "Self-Portrait with Swan," 2011, collage, 17 3/4 x 21"

Smooth & Smoky at Vessels, Varujan Boghosian at Victoria Munroe

Varujan Boghosian is one of New England’s most beloved artists — and collectors. The Hanover, New Hampshire resident has three studios filled with long-abandoned and unused artifacts of American every day life and discarded industrial age…

RAW Musician Jacquelyn Wells performing at Guilt.
Photo credit Greg Caparell.

RAW Fusion: Emerging Talent at Your Local Nightclub

Sometimes the best kinds of parties are the ones filled with artists. Artists see the world from a perspective a guy working as an accountant necessarily wouldn’t. Artists are unafraid to take risks and therefore more willing to cut a rug on the dance floor. What is RAW?

A Body Builder

Viktor Lois’ Kinetic Bodybuilders

Viktor Lois is a transformer. Not like one from a summer blockbuster where robots beat one another to a pulp, but Lois is one with the machines of his own creation.

"Across Time," Paula Estey, Mixed Media on Birch Plywood

At Home, At Galatea

The Summer Members’ Exhibition at Galatea Fine Art, with its many shades and styles, evokes both nostalgia and comfort. With artwork submitted by its each of its members, Galatea composed a diverse, but cohesive exhibit that conveys an array of emotions.

Wendy Newcomb "Unzipped" 10 x 10 oil on panel

Hole in the Wall Studioworks

There is never a good excuse not to visit Maine in the summertime if you are a resident of New England. Maine was essentially made for summer with beautiful lakes, blueberries, lobster rolls and the random Moose sightings while on a leisurely canoe ride.

Pelosi's husband from the film, courtesy HBO

Citizen USA: A Documentary for All Americans

Artscope magazine had the good fortune to attend an advance screening of Alexandra Pelosi’s new documentary Citizen USA: A 50 State Road Trip. In a time where immigration has become a very politicized and Fox News buzzword topic, filmmaker Pelosi has managed to remind us what it in fact does mean to be an American.

Stephan Brigidi, b.1951 "Dicembre, 1975" Gelatin Silver Print 15 x 15 inches

Photographers and Sculptors of Our Times at Gallery Z

Since it’s 2001 inception, Gallery Z has been known to display eclectic and thought provoking art while also reaching out to the Providence, Rhode Island community of art enthusiasts, tourists and even locals who would like to enjoy a bit of wine while gazing at unusual and exceptional art.

Grand Circle Gallery's "Travels Through Africa" Exhibit

Travels Through Africa

In July of 2010 Grand Circle Travel went about the unusual but fitting feat of opening a Gallery devoted to poster art and exhibits that promote and best showcase the company’s passion for traveling.