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"R.A.C." bronze, 2010, 54" tall

“Small Gods and Heroes”, A Prolific Exhibit from a Prolific Artist

We live in an age where oftentimes the wrong people are idealized. We put professional athletes on a pedestal one day, only to vilify them the next when they underperform or dance at a club after losing the big game.

"Man 7", 32 x 32 mixed media on wood by George Herman

‘Mans and Other’ leads to ‘What She Saw’ at Albright Gallery

The Albright has always been up to the challenge of stretching it’s guests boundaries and collective imaginations, but two of it’s shows, one currently exhibiting and the next to follow, will have you wondering where the edge of reality and the abstract actually meet.

A previous Providence Show Piece by Juan Pablo Bianco of the North Bennet Street School

Karla Little’s Not-So-Little Fine Furnishings Show

There’s something missing from your living space. Perhaps your tired of the sectional sofa in your living room, you’ve always hated that chair that your significant other inherited from their great-grandmother or the feng shui just isn’t doing it for you.

Jennifer Caine, Shallows #15, print at Worcester State's thINK exhibit

Jennifer Caine, Shallows #15, print at Worcester State's thINK exhibit

reThink INK: Boston Printmakers Members Show 2010: Red Section

Initially made up of 181 prints when it was first displayed in its entirety at the Zullo Gallery in Medfield, Mass, the “reThink INK: Boston Printmakers Members Show 2010” has subsequently been split into three separate shows — the Red, Blue and Green collection — and has been showing across the United States at both commercial and college galleries.

Artists Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein.

Artists Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein.

Artists use the tools of business to meet the market challenges of the economic slump

Artists Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein are building a market for their work despite the slow economy. They are proving that they can succeed in the creative market by applying the tried and true methods of commercial enterprise: build name recognition, seek clients outside the familiar gallery setting, keep the attention of their established collector base, look for overseas opportunities, and encourage brand loyalty.

Evening exterior of the new Special Exhibition Gallery in the new wing of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. (Photography © Nic Lehoux / Renzo Piano Building Workshop).

Inside the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s New Wing

The press day for the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s was a whirl of personalities, expectation, art, architecture and commercialism. For me, the star personality was the Pritzker Prize winning architect Renzo Piano. He charmed everyone with his eloquence and humility as he stood in the middle of the new, sleek music hall and thanked all the people who contributed to its final design from the acoustics expert to the director of musical programming, to the board.

Octopi Gallery's Mural in Progress

Octopi Gallery Mural brings Street Art Indoors

Street Art has become a more formidable,political and respected medium in recent years with the likes of British Banksy becoming a household name. Part graffiti, part mural and part drawing street art can bring an idea or a statement to masses of people without them ever even realizing.

Head of Aphrodite (Bartlett Head), Greek, 330–300 BC

Aphrodite and the Gods of Love at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

At the entrance of the exhibition, the marble head of Aphrodite floats in the air, as the black metal bar that secures it to its pedestal disappears against the dark wall behind it…

Degas, "La Toilette," 1884-6.

Degas and the Nude at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

“Degas and the Nude,” the product of a joint collaboration between the Museum of Fine Arts and the Musée d’Orsay, is an incredible collection of 145 of Degas’s nudes. Featuring works created throughout his lifetime in a number of different mediums…

Ken Gonzales-Day's "Profiled"

Ken Gonzales-Day, Untitled (Henry Weeks, Bust of an African Woman [based on a photographic image of Mary Seacole] and Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, Bust of Mm. Adélaïde Julie Mirleau de Neuville, née Garnier d’Isle, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles), 2011.

Ken Gonzales-Day: Profiled at the Koppelman Gallery

Ken Gonzales-Day’s “Profiled” exhibition at Tufts University’s Koppelman Gallery is a show you don’t just drop into. Gonzales-Day,