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Blizzard Nemo descending upon Peters Park, Boston.

Blizzard Nemo descending upon Peters Park, Boston.

Blizzard Nemo Causing Postponements

A number of events scheduled for this weekend have been postponed due to impending blizzard Nemo; almost all of tonight’s openings have been cancelled. Here are the latest cancellations and postponements with rescheduled dates we’ve received up to this time:

Susan Lyman: Sculpture in Wood at Boston Sculptors Gallery

Susan Lyman’s new show “Sculpture in Wood” stars 28 exotic pieces of woodwork, all lined up across the wall at eyesight level. Taller ones occupy the inner gallery space, and although only a few of them have defined body parts, the display as a whole looks like a zoo of fairytale creatures, made of wood and frozen in time.

Sophia Ainslie: “in person” at Kingston Gallery

Two girls stretch atop ladders with bright colors on the ends of their brushes, carefully filling in morphing feathered sections of wall at the Kingston Gallery as part of Sophie Ainslie’s new exhibit.

David Thomas: Canyon Passages at UForge Gallery

There are eight paintings in all, completed with deep dripping reds and oranges that expose passages of canyon wall without ever revealing the canyon itself. It’s both a study and a celebration of nature, each identically shaped canvas showing a completely different formation of fault lines and indentations, shadows and weather marks.

Summer Wheat, "Party Girl," 2011.

Summer Wheat, "Party Girl," 2011.

Upsodown at the New Art Center

The New Art Center in Newton’s new exhibition, “Upsodown,” features work by 10 different artists, all created with a kind of raw, free expression — a boldness that reflects a reinvention, the kind of freeing liberty that accompanies the spirit of Carnival.

ArtVenue: Connecting Local Artists and Businesses

ArtVenue is a new web based network that connects artists looking for exhibition space and businesses looking for wall decor. Patrons of the businesses can purchase the art on display on the spot.

Mathew Gillis Hall, "Wesley Thompson," oil, 60 x 42".

Mathew Gillis Hall, "Wesley Thompson," oil, 60 x 42".

Copley Society of Art’s New Members’ Show 2013

In 2012 more than 300 artists applied to become members of the Copley Society of Art, whose choice location on Newbury Street offers exposure to the talented artists with developed individual styles we might not have seen yet.

Capsule Preview: Ron Fortier at Colo Colo

Ron Fortier’s exhibition, showing at Colo Colo Gallery through January 31st, explores themes of fate, aspiration, and obligation, through calligraphic line and the horizontal form of the music staff.

Lindsey Davis: On Newbury Street, Boston

The galleries blended seamlessly with the stores and salons that surrounded them, every display window competing visually for the passerby’s attention with music from restaurants and adorably dressed mannequins pushing out onto the sidewalk to lure you in. The galleries had the advantage of existing solely to exhibit aesthetics, and each one took up its own identity, branding itself as unique on the street.

Welcome to artscope Lindsey Davis!

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