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Richard Paik (Marblehead, Mass.), "Tide Flats in February."

The Pastel Society of New Hampshire’s Eighth Annual Members’ Exhibition

Founded in January 2006 by a group of pastel artists, the purpose of our society is to foster connections among pastelists of all levels throughout New Hampshire, the New England region and other states.

“Two-Horse High,” 2013, mixed media on canvas.

Carole Bolsey: Levitation/Horsing Around At South Shore Art Center

While many abstract painters like to leave the origin and identity of their markings to the imagination of their work’s viewers, Carole Bolsey willingly revealed the inspiration for her “Levitation/Horsing Around” exhibition that’s on view through April 7 at the South Shore Art Center. “Sometimes these objects are barns with strong light casting shadows on land, sometimes boats, light, reflections, nothing,” she notes in her show’s mission statement. “In this series the objects are horses, space and gerunds: words ending in –ing indicating actions or states of being, as in ‘being.’

Me Love You Long Time (MLYLT) at Boston Center for the Arts

Beginning at the entrance to the Mill’s Gallery, the Boston Center for the Arts’ new exhibition, “Me Love You Long Time (MLYLT),” features contemporary art created since the 1990s by artists from Southeast Asia and the United States.

“Anders Zorn: A European Artist Seduces America” at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Anders Zorn was a Scandinavian artist whose talent rocketed him to celebrity status during the Belle Epoque in Europe, his impressionistic perfection earning him scores of influential patrons across the cultural world.

Sarah Smelser, “Little Brother.”

Third National Exhibition of Monotypes and Monoprints at Gordon College

The Monotype Guild of New England’s “Third National Exhibition of Monotypes and Monoprints” featuring 94 unique prints selected by Mark Pascale, Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Art Institute of Chicago, is now on view at Gordon College’s Barrington Center for the Arts. The show’s opening reception is this Saturday, March 2 from 3:30-5:30 p.m.

"West of the Sun," acrylic on canvas.

Richard Kattman: Painted Abstractions at Fountain Street Fine Art

In advance of Richard Kattman’s month-long “Painted Abstractions” show at Fountain Street Fine Art, artscope magazine’s managing editor, Brian Goslow, exchanged questions with Richard about the show, his current projects and whether or not the world would get to see an exhibition of his fascinating photos, many which capture the same abstract elements of his paintings.

Boston Symphony Orchestra’s 132nd Season

Last Thursday the technically perfected sounds of the Boston Symphony Orchestra filled Boston Symphony Hall — the first of four performances that will consist of these two particular pieces of musical art. The first was the exciting and bouncy ballet in one act, “Pucinella” by Stravinsky, which was followed by the slower, more classical piece, Haydn’s “Mass in Time of War.”

John Stezaker, She (Film Portrait Collage) XVII, 2011 Collage 10 x 8 3/8 inches (25.4 x 21.3 cm)

“Visible Merge” at Barbara Krakow Gallery

The Barbara Krakow Gallery’s current exhibition presents the works of Frank Egloff and John Stezaker, two artists with their own methods of questioning reality within their work.

Barbara Grad, Silent Shift, 2013. Oil on linen, 48" x 42"

“Lost Horizons” at Howard Yezerski Gallery

Oil on linen paintings full of whimsical shapes and abstraction are the most recent work of Barbara Grad, currently on view in her solo exhibition, “Lost Horizons,” at the Howard Yezerski Gallery at 460 Harrison Ave. in Boston.

"Painting #46" by Martin Mugar

Incommensurabilities? Paint and the Expanded Real at the Bromfield Gallery

The works on the walls at the Bromfield Gallery exist somewhere between painting and sculpture. They’re limited to rectangles and hung the way two-dimensional works would be, but each piece is being consumed by thick paint that strikes the viewers eyes as well as a couple centimeters of their space.