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Covering art in Boston: a personal post By Lindsey Davis

I can’t believe April is already here, especially since that means my time interning for Artscope Magazine has ended. Each week I’ve covered two events or galleries for the Zine online, condensing a performance or an exhibition down to 500 words. I’ve learned there isn’t really a formula for this kind of writing, but a […]

"Sharp Intrusion" Acrylic on canvas 43x28"

Shari Rubeck’s “Being Human” at The Hallway Gallery

Shari Rubeck uses her work to reveal interpretations of the human psyche — she visualizes feelings and emotions by embodying them in a single figure against a simple background. Her new show at The Hallway Gallery, in Jamaica Plain, Mass., “Being Human,” is comprised of 14 works that focus on her fascination with animals.

"State House Spaceship", digital photographic C-Print, 36" x 24."

Karen Meninno: Sculpture Remix at Kingston Gallery

artscope writer, Meredith Cuttler sits down with artist Karen Menino to discuss the latter’s new opening, “Sculpture Remix,”which is now on view at the Kingston Gallery. The show features a series of 2D manipulated images of sculptures.

Aparna Agrawal, "Mapmaking."

The Wheaton Biennial: Drawing Out of Bounds at Wheaton College

Elizabeth Michelman visits The Weaton Biennial drawing exhibition, curated by Judith Tannenbaum, and finds a collection that prioritizes formal experimentation over technical skill, and includes themes of cultural identity.

Moving with Turner to Brooklyn oil on canvas, 60 x 40 inches

Alexandra Rozenman’s “Transplanted” at the Multicultural Arts Center

Alexandra Rozenman’s show “Transplanted” works to do just that — move you from this world into another, one with more hope, less worry, and more wonder. Scenes of bliss simply painted, the 11 large works hang in the Multicultural Arts Center’s Upper Gallery like 11 rectangular portals, most inspired by famous hands from art history.

Kelly Reemtsen's "Mixed Metaphor," 2012

At The Armory Show

A few weekends ago, I attended my first-ever international art fair, taking the train from Boston’s South Station to Penn Station in New York City to spend six hours walking through rows and rows of art at The Armory Show.

“THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY: The Power of Self Delusion;” Assemblage; 17X24X11″

Ruth Segaloff: Lest We Forget at Galatea Fine Art

Ruth Segaloff’s newest work comprises “Lest We Forget,” an exhibition at Galatea Fine Art on Harrison Avenue in Boston on view until the end of March. A collection of collaged conceptual pieces, the show is represented by 16 works that were mostly created especially for this exhibit and nine of which were made within the last year.

Ed Stitt's work on display at Audio Concepts.

Audio Concept’s “State of the Art”

Audio Concepts’ Experience Center is comprised of numerous showrooms decked out in high-tech home theater systems — a store disguised as side-by-side living rooms and open aired spaces. Now, work from local artists and art students will cover these walls until August, as part of a new fine art exhibition called “State of the Art.”

Free Fall at Soo Rye Art Gallery

Scheckler’s work revolves around capturing birds in their natural habitats through paint, while Bulger’s work focuses on freezing birds in motion using black-and-white photography.

Q&A with the Boston Cello Quartet

More than three years ago, the Boston Cello Quartet formed from a few of the newest additions to the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Three cellists were selected to join the Orchestra in the same round of auditions – a rare occurrence for such a selective group.