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Puerto Rico Horizon, photograph.


AN ODE TO HER HOMELAND Suzanne Volmer This June, Shey Rivera Rios will combine an immersive art installation with live storytelling performances in exploring socio/political issues shaping Puerto Rico today through her monthlong “Fantasy Island/La Isla Fantastica” exhibition at AS220’s Project Space. The installation/ performance artist, who lives in Providence, can relate to displacement, having […]

Cataract Blast, 2016, acrylic on board, triptych, each panel 4’ x 2’.


NANCY HAYES’ UNIVERSE Don Wilkinson In anticipation of the early-April opening of “Anatomy of a Small Universe,” an exhibition of works by painter Nancy Hayes at the de Menil Gallery, I visited Hayes’ spacious basement studio in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Paintings were carefully propped up on makeshift tables of milk crates and cinder block. Clamp-on […]

Islands Off Coast.


A HANDS-ON APPROACH Taryn Plumb We are looking out on craggy rocks and an ocean inlet: evergreens border a subdued surf, a mottled sky lazily settles into dusk. The scene has a familiar quality, classically Maine — but yet, there is an inherent whimsicality to it. The water, land and sky are uneven, as if […]

Anna Mary Robertson “Grandma” Moses (1860-1961), Catchin’ The Turkey, 1955, oil on pressed wood, 12” x 16” (Collection of Bennington Museum. © 2017, Grandma Moses Properties Co., New York.)


LIVE. LOVE. LEARN. J. Fatima Martins ArtCountry, a new cultural initiative launched in March 2017, is a collaborative consortium of five leading cultural organizations, “nestled in the Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts and at the foot of the Green Mountains in southern Vermont,” that are working in partnership to create visual art exhibitions and performance […]

S.B. Walker, Target Bag, March 2011.


EXTOLLING WALDEN’S HALLOWED SHORES James Foritano Thoreau at home…and “abroad” I don’t actually know if Thoreau traveled abroad physically, but his astral body was in constant movement. One moment he was looking deeply at what exists, then that place would become an idea that would go on to become the seed for what we now […]

George Hallowell, Snow Shadows, circa 1915, oil on canvas, 46 1/2” x 27 1/2”.


CLOSER READINGS AT UNH Linda Chestney Known for its proclivity for a cross-curriculum philosophy, the University of New Hampshire (UNH) doesn’t disappoint in its museum offerings, either. The museum will often invite students to view and absorb various art works and understand their relation to the specific discipline they’re studying. Be it history, writing or […]

Unknown Artist Roman, Late first century BCE, Venus (Aphrodite), First century BCE.


TIME STANDS STILL AT SMITH John B. Stapleton As someone who loves the Classics, I was very excited to hear that the Smith College Museum of Art was hosting the traveling exhibit, “Leisure and Luxury in the Age of Nero: The Villas of Oplontis near Pompeii.” Before I got to the museum, I wasn’t expecting […]

Dan Kaufman, Forsyth In The Pink, 2016, infrared photography, 16” x 30” (© Dan Kaufman).


LOOKING BEYOND AND REACHING OUT Suzanne Volmer Tucked into an historic mercantile block with its entrance discretely marked at the door, the Providence Center for Photographic Arts has an emergent vibe that feels very much like a relaxed atelier. Visitors step into a vestibule and then head up a flight of stairs to find the […]

Shandra McLane working in her studio (photograph by Sarah Daniel-Campbell).


MCLANE’S GLOBAL IMPACT Marcia Santore She was almost at the top of the world when everything changed. Shandra McLane discovered her calling to work in glass when she was hired as the print shop coordinator at Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington, founded by Dale Chihuly. She was first drawn to the kiln-fused glass technique […]

Le grand rocher, 2017, oil on board, 31 1/2” x 31 1/2”.


DREAMSCAPES OF A WORLD CONTAINED Lisa Mikulski The work of Philippe Charles Jacquet is often described as dreamlike or imaginary. There are also those who have pigeonholed the paintings as mere landscape. I endeavor to describe them as something more. The work of an arts writer, or even an art lover viewing various works, depends […]