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Bruce Rosenbaum Standing in his workshop

Bruce Rosenbaum Standing in his workshop.


On September 10, “New Sole of the Old Machine: Steampunk Brockton, Reimagining the City of Shoes” opens at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, Mass. Curated by Steampunk ReImagineer Bruce Rosenbaum, founder of ModVic, LLC, the exhibition features work by John Belli, Jim Bremer & Ruth Buffington, David Lang, Susan Montgomery, Janel Norris, Sam Ostroff, Bruce Rosenbaum and Michael Ulman. The show’s opening reception is this Sunday, September 11 from 2-5 p.m. Last month, Titilayo Ngwenya, the museum’s director of communications, interviewed Rosenbaum prior to the show’s opening.

Nick Cave, "Soundsuit," 2009.

First Light Shines at the ICA

Despite the surge in identity-interested art production that occurred in the 1990s — a time when some artists were thinking specifically about inequality within the art world itself — there are still art museums in the United States that have a problem with diversity and inclusion. This is not so at the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston

"Poverty: Nugget Mania and Ploughman"

"Poverty: Nugget Mania and Ploughman," 2009 30 1/2” x 46”. Oil on Mi-Teintes.

Brewster’s Quixotic Encounters

David Brewster exemplifies, in an extraordinary way, how American regionalism has evolved and continues to manifest into the contemporary realm. He is a master of formal and trained juxtapositions and dichotomies. In his paintings, Brewster combines the power of midcentury action and expressive mark-making — contemporary forms of plein air production — with the narrative intellectualism of scene painting, capturing and interpreting, from a personal perspective, the nuances of a specific time and place.

NAWA at Endicott

Ronnie Gould, "Habitat Clash," clay sculpture, 7” x 12”, in front of "Breaking Ground" installation featuring (from left to right) Merry Beninato, "The Artist’s Palate" ; Lully Schwartz, "Watteau Fete Galante" ; Beverly Rippel," Studio Contemplation" ; Kat Massela, "Circle of Life" ; Kim Alemian, "Turned"; Jennifer Jean Costello, "Love Locks" ; Susan Scavo Gallagher, "Electrifying" ; Linda Talanian, "Midlife Crisis" ; and Linda Lippa, "Women in Squares" .

Feminine Influence

“Breaking Ground,” a presentation of 55 conceptually and materially diverse works of art — painting, photography, ceramics, fiber, printmaking, mixed-media, sculpture and bronze — by 46 contemporary women artists of the Massachusetts chapter of the National Association of Women Artists, Inc. (NAWA) asks: “Does being a woman artist influence your style, subject and or medium?”

Triple Self-Portrait

Miriam Laufer, "Triple Self Portrait" (collection of Robert D. Speiser; photo courtesy of PAAM).

Provincetown in Autumn

The Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM) is at the very tip of Massachusetts (next stop: Azores) with a cultural impact that is extraordinary. In its 102nd year, the vitality of the museum and school can be measured by the 250 volunteers who support a highly effective staff stewarded by director Chris McCarthy. Under her direction, PAAM is much larger than its physical size and location, reaching around the globe with its membership and quality of shows.

Alicia Eggert

Alicia Eggert, "All That Is Possible is Real," 2016, Neon, 300” x 600” x 8”.

Eggert at T+H Gallery

The mission of T+H Gallery, celebrating its first anniversary in Boston’s SoWa Arts District this fall, is to “create a dynamic intercultural dialogue by showing both regional and international artists and providing a platform for experimental projects and ideas.” It aims toward this goal by utilizing an interesting floor plan of two spaces bisected by a semi-public concourse.


Ingrid Scheibler, "Untitled," mixed media, acrylic on canvas, 48” x 48”.

Building On Life Lessons

Two lives of different length take a turn at mid-career. One from philosophy, the other from medicine, both with the equally large ambition of documenting the other side of the brain, the insistent one not sanctioned by the academy or the workplace.


Farzaneh and Bahareh Safarani, "Asleep," oil on plywood and video, 60” x 156.”

Safarani Sisters at Adelson

Uncovering the Mystery by Kristin Wissler From a young age, Farzaneh and Bahareh Safarani, better known as the Safarani Sisters, were enamored with the arts. Growing up in Iran, the twin sisters spent all their free time drawing and painting. While they took swimming, volleyball and gymnastics lessons, the real fun for them was coming […]

Flooding Florida

"Flooding Florida," mixed media on canvas, 30” x 30”.

Reindorf at Galatea

Lisa Reindorf is no stranger to political art; she’s received acclaim for a series of gesturally painted panels depicting the expansion of Syrian refugee camps as seen from the air. This October, in a show at Galatea Fine Art in Boston’s SoWa District called “Building Into Water,” the artist tackles another vital political issue: the environment.

Milton Avery (1885- 1965), Blue Trees (detail), 1945, oil on canvas, 28” x 36” (Collection Neuberger Museum of Art, Gift of Roy Neuberger. Purchase College, State University of New York. © 2016 The Milton Avery Trust/ Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. Photo by Jim Frank).

Michals and Avery at Bennington

Duane Michals has never played by the rules. Almost exclusively self-taught, his storied approach to photog-raphy has grown out of years, now decades, of hard work and experience.