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May/June 2017 Centerfold

    Artscope 68, May/June 2017   art: The Well artist: James Dye medium: dip pen and india ink theme: Outsider/Visionary Art Through the methodical application of detail, I explore the ritual nature of art and the symbiosis of image and story. I draw inspiration from mythology both personal and established to create works that […]

March/April 2017 Centerfold

    Artscope 67, March/April 2017   art: Golden Abstract artist: Wilda Squires medium: photography theme: Artficial Intelligence My entrance into the world of abstract photography began serendipitously ten years ago. Unable to sleep very early one morning, I watched the shadows that the rising sun created within the folds of the bedroom window curtains. […]

January/ February 17 Centerfold

    art: Jamaica Pond Installation artist: Jenine Shereos medium: natural elements I created this installation at Jamaica Pond in Boston, Massachusetts towards the end of a long New England winter. The piece consisted of five bottle-shaped forms made of ice and containing various frozen flower and plant specimens. Over the course of the next […]

November/December2016 Centerfold

    Artscope 65, November/December 2016 art: Where it Comes From artist: Talia Lefton medium: felted wool Talia Lefton works with wool, yarn, and fabric to create tangible explorations of identity, transformation, and space. This piece uses the mutable qualities of felt to depict a period of self-examination. Drawing from a mythical representation of shapeshifting, […]

September/October 2016 Centerfold

    Artscope 64, September/October 2016 art: Mother and Son and Trio artist: Robert Rovenolt medium: mixed media My working method has always centered on my personal response to found, reclaimed objects and other cast-offs. I usually don’t actively look for these sources, but rather “let them find me.” Sometimes this process is accelerated by “finds” that “picker […]

May/June 2016 Centerfold

    Artscope 62, May/June 2016   art: Awakened artist: Johniene Papandreas medium: self-portrait, casein on muslin, 27” x 74,” 2005. A face is every experience of one’s life made manifest. The lines, the tilt of the head, and, oh … the eyes … the portals through which I enter the inner life of my […]

Jul/Aug 2016 Centerfold

    Artscope 62, July/August 2016   art: Sweet Air artist: H. Grey Park IV medium: oil on linen, 24″ x 64″. “ At a young age, H. Gray Park was already identified as a natural talent and was placed in talented and gifted programs. During his third year of college, Gray spent four months […]

January/February Centerfold

  Artscope 59, January/February 2016 art: Panda Smash artist: Pecan medium: oil on canvas, 27″ x 36″ Pecan: My work is a mix of painting from my imagination, from life, and from references, coming together to create several series that exist somewhere between fantasy and reality. I deeply admire realism and representational art especially with […]

March/April 2016 Centerfold

  Artscope 60, March/April 2016 art: Breakaway artist: Stephanie Roberts-Camello medium: encaustic, 8″ x 10″ Roberts-Camello: Obstacles are part of everyone’s life. They have a tendency, if not dealt with, to become so huge and overbearing that they transform into phobias, only to be avoided. Overcoming them are some of our greatest achievements as individuals. […]

Nov/Dec 2015 Centerfold

  Artscope 59, November/December 2015   art: Jewelry artist: Beverley Coniglio medium: Metalwork Influenced by Art Nouveau, Art Deco, the Victorian look without the Victorian principles, Gothic and Steampunk, Beverley is fascinated by all kinds of creatures: furry & scaled, feathered and fanged; and all things magical & mystical, flights of fancy, whimsical visuals. One […]