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Migrating Colors

Migrating Colors at Wedeman Art Gallery at Lasell College.

Migrating Colors 2015, Haitian Art at Wedeman Art Gallery

“Migrating Colors 2015,” an exhibition featuring the work of 10 Haitian artists, is currently on view at Lasell College’s Wedeman Gallery. These artists, both from Massachusetts and Jacmel, Haiti, depict their experiences of the 2010 earthquake and the subsequent emotional journey from loss to acceptance to growth.

"Growth and Decay" (2009)
Hanging Plant, Wire, Acrylic, and Mixed Media on Canvas - 27"x49"

"Growth and Decay" (2009) Hanging Plant, Wire, Acrylic, and Mixed Media on Canvas - 27"x49"

Sarah Meyers Brent: Primal Garden at the Walter Feldman Gallery, Boston

Life is a complicated mess: there are ups and downs, joys and disappointments, smooth sailings and rough landings. It can be both ugly and beautiful, yet, the view of beauty generally prevails as almost everyone can agree that ‘life is beautiful.’ This sentiment is captured in the artwork of Sarah Meyers Brent.

"Mycelial Messenger," 2012 -  Acrylic on canvas

"Mycelial Messenger," 2012 - Acrylic on canvas

The Transformative Art of Martin Bridge

A dedicated mycologist, painter and theater instructor, Bridge’s life has been shaped by and remains rooted in visceral experiences of and participation in the natural world. A passion for the ancient networks that form the basis for Earth’s soil systems continuously inform his art and inspires him to explore new avenues in his work.

"Together we can" - sculpture by Nora Valdez. Made with Peruvian marble

"Together we can" - sculpture by Nora Valdez. Made with Peruvian marble

Celebrating International Women’s Day at IBA Gallery

Against the white walls of the IBA Gallery, bright shades of pink, turquoise and green surround Silvia Lopez Chavez’s canvassed face as she puffs out her cheeks in harsh concentration. The kaleidoscope of tiny air ‘bubbles’ escaping her pursed lips capture the moment just before she gives in. On the wall to the right, a video loops, replaying Chelsea residents engaged in similar activity. Joining them as well as the life-sized portraits of nine of these Chelsea residents, Chavez’s self-portrait, “Hold Your Breath’, serves as a point of conversation surrounding the dysfunctional structures that have created inadequate healthcare resources for Chelsea residents as well as an increase in environmental pollution, diminished air quality and a marked onset of diseases within the population.

Gerstein's "Libertad Y Alegria" (36"x48") - oil stick, acrylic, glitter and mixed media on wood panel

Gerstein's "Libertad Y Alegria" (36"x48") - oil stick, acrylic, glitter and mixed media on wood panel

Philip Gerstein: ¡Experiment! at Galatea Fine Art

As the sound of African music flows throughout his studio, Philip Gerstein’s art pieces begin to sing their own songs in a burst of color and textures as their stories unfold. Each stands out in its own distinct way with different mediums and color palates, creating a theme of experimentation and discovery. Gerstein uses mediums of oil-stick, glitter, powder pigment and textured gel to give his artwork a 3D perception that insists on a prolonged and closer look.

Emily Berger's "E7_22" at the Cape Cod Museum of Art

Emily Berger's "E7_22" at the Cape Cod Museum of Art

Formal Aspects at the Cape Cod Museum of Art

The show features Erica Adams, Emily Berger, Joanne Freeman, Sarah Hinckley, Joanne Mattera and Mira Schor, who utilize several different mediums and techniques that give the show contrasting qualities ranging from bright, color field paintings that evoke a light hearted emotion to paintings that hold a much darker meaning.